The Bradley Charles Experience: Brad’s 50th Surprise Birthday Party!

by designpillblog

Brad Charles is definitely a Unique and loved individual.  I only just met him the night of his party due to it being a surprise but I now feel as if I’ve known him forever.   Between stories from his amazing niece, Leslie, and listening to all the stories during the “Brad Roast” I’ve learned a ton about him! One of Brad’s passions is music, a talent that he has passed down to his two beautiful daughters, Tanner and Tera (peep the surprise at the end of the post). They clearly both share that same passion.  He recently released a Christian music cd that is available on his website,  Brad has turned 50. What a milestone. You wouldn’t know it though because he has the energy of any 20 year old and a personality that’s out of this world!  He is simply hilarious!  I spent 90% of the party laughing.  The other 10% was spent fighting back tears as his daughters performed songs that they had written for him for his birthday. This was by far one of the most enjoyable parties I have ever organized and I want to thank Leslie for considering me for it.  So without Further ado… let’s get to it.


The Bradley Charles Experience.


Style: Surprise

Theme: Concert

Colors: Burgundy, Aqua, Dark Grey

(Click on all photos for the enlarged image!) 

The Invitation

The food!
The family opted for a nacho bar complete with 7 layer dip, homemade guacamole and salsa, mango salsa, and a few other goodies!

The Surprise!!!

Yeah. She was in on it ;o)

The Musical Performance for Daddy!

Tanner and Tera performed two incredibly touching songs for their father. Amazing!

The Roast.
Family and friends shared some funny and interesting stories about the birthday boy.  One in particular was that it is a tradition for brad to wear underwear on his head at everyone’s birthday.  The family saw fit to continue that tradition by providing Depends for Brad to don on the top of his head! Good times!

Ummmmm. Are those underpants on your noggin?

The photo booth! Nuff said. (These are only a handful of the pics. Holla at Leslie or check out my FB fan page for the rest if you attended the celebration! Don’t forget to like, lol)

The After party jam session!

This is definitely a tight knit group of people.  Their love for one another was definitely present and I’m so thankful to have been a part of it! Here are a few more pictures of everyone along with loving words and best wishes for Brad!

Brad’s daughter Tanner is competing to win a brand new car!  Check out her music video contest entry featuring the Birthday boy himself and vote for her here! Voting starts tomorrow and ends on November 17th! Good luck Tanner ;o)
Update!!!! Out of 80+ submissions, Tanner’s video WON HER THE CAR!!!!! Woot Woot! Great job, girl! I knew you would do it ;o) Thanks to all the Designpillians who voted for her!!!
Check her out on the news here!

Tears of Joy!

Picking up the prize!