Manny’s Masterpiece: Manny’s 6th Birthday pARTy!

by designpillblog


My insanely cute faced nephew Manny celebrated his 6th birthday on September 9.  His mother and I wanted to make it extra special so we sat down with him to pick his brain about what he wanted.  Manny is quite the budding artist so we all agreed that an art party would be best! Coloring, drawing, painting, and no pARTy of his would be complete without a paper airplane making contest which he won, twice! (paper planes are his guilty pleasure!)

This party was sooo much fun. Stressful, but extremely fun. Even the adults got in on the creativity and I think they were having more fun than the kids at one point!

Sara’s Mermaid

I wanted to keep the color scheme boyish but not to childish because  Manny insists that he isn’t a baby anymore.  I went with a royal blue, gray, and red color scheme.  I used paint splats and spray paint can graphics on the printables to add to the art theme ;O)

We started by having the little ones draw what made them most happy. This was so adorable! We got families, palm trees, and even flying pigs! Imaginations were running wild!


What makes me happy?

Next, they had to show me how well they could draw with in the lines.  I went online and found about 10 different free coloring sheets and let them pick the ones they liked the best.

Within the Lines

And then there was the paper airplane contest.  A blast!  Such creativity.   They even named their planes! When they finished we took them outside to test how well they could fly!

Paper Planes

Once we were back inside it was time to eat. Hot dogs & hamburgers (which disappeared before I could get a good picture, lol), chips with dip, cupcakes, and white chocolate mallow pops.

After singing happy birthday it was time to decorate the blank slate cupcakes! Each child received their own blank white iced cupcake to decorate however they saw fit!

Make a Wish

Blank Slate Cupcakes

Then  it was time to begin “The Masterpiece.” I set up a canvas on an easel, set out the paint, and let the kids take turns adding their artistic visions to the canvas to create a painting that manny could keep forever! He say’s he’d like to hang it on his bedroom door ;o)

Time to open the gifts!

Apparently he likes everything except clothes!

When I asked Manny what he thought of his party he responded, with a crazy face and
two balloons in hand , it was GREAT!!!

 I couldn’t be more pleased with that response. 

Good Times!