I’ve been Featured!!!: Real Weddings: Asley and Diana Peralta

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Debra Torres played a huge part in my beach wedding.  She’s actually the huge talent behind the design and pure awesomeness of my groomsmen’s guayaberas (traditional latin wedding shirts)!!! If it weren’t for her, my wedding colors would have never come together so beautifully! She has so graciously asked lil’ ole me to do an interview for her wedding blog! You can check out her website and read it here! And then check out her Facebook here!  I had a blast with her questions. They brought back some incredible memories from my big day!  I decided to repost it here so you can have a picture story to go along with the questions. I hope you enjoy it!  And please do contact Debra if you are in need of some beautiful, impeccably crafted, quality guayaberas for your big day!



 Perhaps my favorite part of this job is speaking to couples about their wedding day. Last year, Debra Torres designed guayaberas for the beach wedding of bride Diana Peralta. Diana is no stranger to great design and color as she, herself, works as an interior designer and event planner for her own company DDNTdesigns
 I also love (and admire) couples who make bold choices with their themes and colors, and Diana did just that when she worked with Debra to create these chartreuse green guayaberas for her groomsmen, as well as the classic white guayabera for her groom Asley.


Diana was also kind enough to speak to us about her big day, her inspirations, and the need for a little bridezilla every now and then….

Wedding Date: September 18, 2010

Location: Atlantic Beach, Florida (Jacksonville), and the reception was at The Cobalt Moon Yoga Studio seconds away from the ceremony.  No resort for me! Too many rules and I didn’t want to be forced into using their supplies and catering. I was going for a specific look. Wood floors and wood beam ceilings!

The Reception ~ RichardFlemingPhotography.com

Bride and Groom: Asley and Diana Peralta

Wedding Site

The Isle ~ RichardFlemingPhotography.com

Debra Torres: Ok, let’s get down to it. How many dresses did you try on before you found “the one”?  

Diana: I think I tried on like 4 dresses. I already had the one I wanted in mind and they didn’t have it in stock for me to try on but they had a different version of it that was the exact same cut from the waist up (the original had a trumpet bottom) and I fell in love with it even more!  I knew it was the one as soon as we zipped it up! It was casual but still elegant and classic.


The Dress ~ RichardFlemingPhotography.com

Debra Torres: The colors you chose for the grooms’ shirts and the bridesmaids’ dresses are so cool and unique! What was your inspiration for the color palate?

Diana: Green Orchids. I’m obsessed with orchids, particularly the green ones, and had to have them in my wedding. No exceptions.  I saw the entire wedding in my head years before we had gotten engaged. I wanted the colors to be very beachy but not beachy if that makes sense! I was thinking very bright and summery with a little bit of drama. I knew I wanted some shade of deep teal to play off of the water and I thought the chartreuse green looked so amazing next to it!  Everyone thought I was nuts when I told them my colors! I was just like… wait… you’ll see!  And I was right! lol! I received a million compliments on the colors!  Maybe more than the actual wedding!

The Party ~ RichardFlemingPhotography.com

Bouquet and Something New ~ RichardFlemingPhotography.com

The CupCake ~ RichardFlemingPhotography.com

Debra Torres: How did you decide to have your guys in guayberas?  

Diana: That was all my husbands’ grandmother’s idea!  He’s Puerto Rican, straight from the island, and she called him one day and said that her only request was that he would wear a guayabera. I loved the idea and ran with it.  All the boys would wear them. It went perfectly with the casual feel we were going for. But I didn’t want just any guayabera. I wanted one as authentic as possible. Sooo glad I found Debra! I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome.  The boys fought me tooth and nail on those shirts!  They were like, “you want me to pay what? For a shirt!!!”  They even went shopping on their own!  I kept getting calls like, “Diana, I found some for $20 bucks! They’re really nice! They don’t have to be that green.” Hilarious! I wasn’t budging.  In the end they loved them and understood why I was determined to get my way! I think that was the only detail that caused me to become a bridezilla!

The Boys ~ RichardFlemingPhotography.com


Hubby and Daddy ~ RichardFlemingPhotography.com

Debra Torres: What was your favorite detail of your wedding?

Diana: My favorite detail??? Wow, that’s hard to choose.  I’d have to go with my something old.  True story.  About a week before the wedding I had a dream about my grandma Nellie. (She passed away when I was in the 5th grade) She came to me in the dream and said “I want you to have this for your wedding. I’ve had it for a long time and now it’s yours.” She handed me something but I couldn’t see what it was. (I get chills remembering this!) Anyway, it stuck in the back of my mind for a few days.  The night of the rehearsal dinner my daddy and my Auntie Nita pulled me into my bedroom and hand me a gift.  My Aunt said that she wanted me to have it for my something old.  I immediately burst into tears as I opened it.  I already knew it was from grandma.  It was my grandmothers’ purse.  I couldn’t even speak.  Once I got myself together, I told them about the dream.  They were floored.  Couldn’t believe it! A week before, they were on the phone with one another late at night, hung up, then my aunt called my dad back to tell him she wanted to give me the purse.  It’s like my grandma was talking to all of us at the same time.  I felt her presence all over my wedding.  I walked down the isle with my bouquet in one hand and her purse in the other. That is something I’ll never forget.

Grandma’s Purse ~ RichardFlemingPhotography.com

Here Comes the Bride ~ RichardFlemingPhotography.com

Debra Torres: Was having a beach wedding a very important factor in your plans for the big day? Why did you ultimately choose to go for the casual beach wedding rather than the traditional?

Diana: Having it on the beach was very important to me.  The beach is the closest thing to heaven to me, almost the equivalent to church.  Something that vast and amazing could only be the work of the big guy himself.  Marriage is a promise before God and I feel closest to him there.  As far as casual goes, my husband and I are so laid back.  We love to have a good time.  Everyone always says they love our relationship because we don’t take ourselves so seriously. It would have been weird for everyone involved if we were to have a traditional, or, as Asley would call it, “stuffy” wedding.  No offense to those that want that, it’s just not for us. We wanted to have a quick ceremony, take some pictures, and get to the parrrtay! We also wanted everyone to be comfortable and truly have an amazing time.  I’m confident we achieved our goal.  The open bar wasn’t a bad idea either!

G-men ~ RichardFlemingPhotography.com

The View ~ RichardFlemingPhotography.com

Talk to the Hand ~ RichardFlemingPhotography.com

Debra Torres: If you could describe your wedding in just two words, what would they be?

Diana: Casual Elegance.

Debra Torres: Now, there has to be one crazy fiasco in all of the preparation. Was there any moment where you might have thought “Please, God, let me get through this wedding?!”

Diana: One fiasco?! I wish!!! Oh my God, soooo many things went wrong!  Let’s see… one of the groomsmen was arrested (and went to jail) 2 weeks before the wedding (thank the Lord we got a replacement fast!), David’s Bridal ordered the wrong size dress for 4 of my 7 bridesmaids a month before the wedding. Mind you they were dresses that took 8 weeks to get in! The air conditioner broke in the reception site before we even got there! We live in FLORIDA and it was the middle of September!  Everyone was hot anyway from all the liquor, but still! Also, the party rental vendor gave us the wrong size table linens and my wedding ceremony singer canceled on me days before the wedding.  I could go on and on and on!!! I called on God so many times during that 9 month process but that’s what makes great memories that you can look back and laugh about. And I have!  I wouldn’t change a thing that happened.

Hott Party! ~ RichardFlemingPhotography.com

Open Bar! ~ RichardFlemingPhotography.com


Patron. ~ RichardFlemingPhotography.com

Debra Torres: What was the most memorable moment of your wedding day?

Diana: Pastor Tim saying, “I now pronounce you man and wife!” That phrase was a long time coming. Those words made everything worthwhile!

Man and Wife ~ RichardFlemingPhotography.com

Debra Torres: Is there any advice that you have to give someone who is planning their own beach wedding?

Diana: on’t stress about the weather! I never once said I hope it doesn’t rain. That’s just gonna make it rain!! I said, “my wedding is going to be on the perfect day over and over again!”  And it was!  How funny is it that it rained every weekend that month except the one our wedding was on. Yes. For real. The rain decided to show up on our honeymoon instead! It rained every single day of it!  Also, Relax!!! Planning a wedding is stressful especially when you’re doing it all by yourself! Take a breather. Get your girls to help. You can even recruit the groom!  I was delegating left and right! If you’re planning it on your own, DEFINITELY hire a wedding coordinator for the day of.  You don’t want to worry about anything but walking down the aisle.  I don’t know what I would have done without Danielle.  She was a GODSEND!!!  Also, remember why you’re doing it.  Don’t get lost in what other people think about it or want for it. It’s YOUR day, not theirs, even if they’re paying for it!!! Lol! All that matters is that it makes you and your future hubby happy. And definitely have the wedding party go barefoot! Best decision ever.  Who wants to be kicking sand out of their shoes? Oh!!! And time your wedding with the low tide. Check when high tide will be and be out of there well before that!  You don’t want the ocean ruining your wedding ceremony! And lastly, take in and cherish every second of every moment of that day, even the things that go horribly wrong, and enjoy it. After months and months of planning, waiting for, and anticipating your day, it’ll blow your mind how insanely fast that day ends.

Flip Flops ~ RichardFlemingPhotography.com

My Favorite Picture :o) ~ RichardFlemingPhotography.com

Oh No You Don’t! ~ RichardFlemingPhotography.com

Just Married! ~ RichardFlemingPhotography.com

Find out more about Diana’s design work by visiting her blog or liking DDNTdesigns on facebook!