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Long Time No Type To… And Palmolive Fresh Infusions!

My how I haven’t even thought about my blog… I feel so very ashamed
to admit that especially since at one point it was my baby!  It’s
amazing how quickly your focus, direction, and priorities can change.
I come back to you, my dear designpillians, a changed woman.
Naturally, my blog will change as well.

The focus will not be totally on parties or design but I will still
post about these things as the come along. You’ll find that it will
become a bit more random, even a little personal. It will include more
of my day to day, more of my husband’s and my business adventures, and
countless other shenanigans I find myself in. I’ve also decided to
include some videos and vlogs so stay tuned for my YouTube channel!!

I could post about a million things right now but I think one at a
time would suffice.  A couple of months ago I watched this Youtuber
whose name I cannot remember at the moment… Sorry!
Anyway, she was doing a review on some products that she had gotten
for free from a website called Influenster. I was quite intrigued so I
signed up in hopes that they would choose little ole’ me to review one
of their Vox Box’s full of goodies!  They chose me the very next
month! October and then again for November!! I could barley contain my
excitement. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time or the energy to
review the products on my blog or to film a video about them so I had
to settle for the mandatory surveys at the end of the month. But
believe me, they were great. Some things I loved and some not so much.
I even gave a few products away to homes that would appreciate them.

I wasn’t chosen to receive the December Vox Box but in January I was
chosen to review a single product.

The product was……

Photo from

I was so ready for this box to arrive but sadly, it was delivered to
me like this…

photo 1 photo 4 photo 2 photo 5

Soap was literally dripping from my mail box.  I almost cried. All 3
bottles were busted, broken, and worst of all they were completely
empty. Ew. Sucks because the sent the extras for me to give to a friend to try out and now that’s not possible. [insert: Sad face] I would have given one to my sister in law, Charlene and one to my mother in law because I know they both wash dishes by hand only.  I’m sure they would have loved it!

To my amazement, all of the coupons they sent me were still in tact. Even though the product was unusable I wanted to try it out, mainly because the
bottles were so dang cute, so I used one of my five $1.50 off coupons
and bought a bottle to try out.

When I got to Wal-Mart my heart sank a little more when I saw that there were only 3

 bottles left of one of the scents on the shelf which let me know how awesome
of a product I missed out on. They sent all 3 scents to my house. I
was supposed to give one to a friend but I’m not sure how successful I
would have been in sharing… Anyway, I snatched up the bottle of the
Ginger White Tea scented soap and went on my merry little way.

I ABSOLUTELY hate the look of a big bulky dish detergent bottle on my
kitchen sink so I was immediately pleased by the simple and elegant
design of this bottle. It’s so darn classy. I would seriously buy it
for that feature alone but it gets better.

THE SCENT!!! I’m not very hard to please but when it comes to how
something smells… You have to step your game up. I’m extremely picky
about scents. I love fresh, clean, and subtle scents.  I love anything
that smells natural and fruity as long as it’s not overbearing. The point is, this soap was right up my
alley! I could go on all afternoon!  Influenster wanted me to reveal my favorite scent of the three but being that I could

literally only try one, Ginger White Tea it is!

It cleans well, my hands weren’t dry after using it, and did I mention the bottle is so dang cute!  All in all, I loved this dish soap and would definitely recommend it!  If you want to learn more about this product, head over to the Palmolive site! If you get a chance to try it, head over to and write a review!

Oh! Just for technicality reasons… I received this product complimentary through Influenster! I was not paid in any way to give you a review! It’s all my honest opinion!

Talk to you soon!


I Was Bored so I Made Something: D.I.Y. Bracelet Stand

I know, I know!!! I totally give you permission to scream at me at the top of your lungs!!! I’m such a bad blogger.  I’ve neglected you since

mid-FEBRUARY!!! And even worse… I have like 4 parties, and then some, to tell you about!

Explanation…??? Hubby and I are building a business as some of you know.  It literally takes over our lives! I seriously pay rent to sleep and shower because we are never at home.

We Floridians have been hit with a nasty tropical storm and our neighborhood was flooded so I had some time last night for a little crafting since I was stuck at home. This was the most random idea. It was in no way a planned project. I was baking a chicken and used the last of my aluminum foil and I was instantly inspired by the cardboard tube! Ha! Hey, waste not want not, right?!

I’m a complete jewelry junkie. I can’t get enough of the stuff! My newest obsession has been bracelets and in order to keep myself from buying millions of them I need to see what I have.  I keep most of them in a drawer in my “J corner” but I wanted to bring some of my faves out for display so I made a bracelet stand! Here we go!


- A small vase with a narrow neck (I got my stainless steel one for BoConcept a few years back)

- A cardboard tube

- Ribbon of your choice

- Felt with an adhesive back

- Glue gun

- Anything you can find to decorate it with!

***I used metal washers, skull & crossbones charms, lock charms, and some necklace chain all of which I had in my crafting collection! So my entire project was FREE!!! Well… not really free but I didn’t spend any extra cheese!

Now for my first picture tutorial!!!

1. Wrap your tube completely with the felt and trim of any excess of either.

2 Using the top of your vase as a guide, cut a hole in the center of your wrapped tube.

3. Maneuver the mouth of the vase into your cut.

4. Use the ribbon to strategically tie down the tube so it doesn’t move and tie it in a pretty little bow.  If you like, you can glue it and just use the ribbon to hide the connection. I personally didn’t want to ruin my not so cheap tiny little vase!

5, 6, & 7. Glue your charms to the washers.

8. Glue your washer to the ends of the tube to cover the holes. Mine happened to fit perfectly!!

9 & 10. Size and cut your chain and glue it around the exposed edge.

11 & 12. If you like, add some cute charms to the ends of your bow and Voila!!! Your done!!

Now bask in your d.i.y. accomplishment!!! You’re so crafty!!!

Finished product and a peek at all my jewelry!

Clearly, I was a little goth inspired ;o) I loved that it came out so edgy! It makes my favorite spiky bracelet look so bad ass!

Comment and let me know what you think and if you make your own… show me the pics!! I’d love to see them! Have fun!


And the Winner is…..

I’m so excited about my 1st ever giveaway!!!  It’s so fun to see my blog begin to gain interest and to read all of your lovely comments.  Thank you to everyone who entered! You have no idea how much your support means to me!

But let’s get to it!

I choose the winner by using’s Integer Generator. I numbered all the entries by the date you commented on my blog and whatever number popped up was the winner. So without further ado, the winner of the Pier 1 Imports Tasting Party Starter Kit is……


Whoooo hoooooo!!!! Congrats Freddie!!  You have 24hrs. to contact me by sending and email to including your address so that I can get your prize sent out to you! Unfortunately, if I don’t hear from you I’ll have to choose an alternate winner but I’m sure I’ll hear from you as soon as I post this! ;o)

I’m so excited to do another giveaway that I’ve already purchased the prize for it!!! Lolol ;o) Stay tuned to find out what it is!



After MUCH debate and complete and utter indecisiveness I have finally chosen a prize!!! Whooo Hooo!!! I was torn on whether to go with a party planning gift or and interior design gift.  I ended up choosing PARTY PLANNING!!! Design will be the theme of the next contest prize and I already know what it will be… teehee ;o)

If you win this awesome giveaway I am gonna hook you up with a…



Prize: The Starter Kit

The Full Collection

I almost passed out when they came out with this party line and I want the ENTIRE set!!! Presentation is key when it comes to party planning and this will definitely make your food and your shindig stand out!

It is a 21 piece set with  4 small bowls, 2 large bowls, 4 shot glasses, 10 spoons and 1 tray! I’m sooooo jealous of whoever the winner will be ;o) This set is soooo adorable.  If you haven’t already followed the steps to enter… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Click here to see the giveaway rules and ENTER!!!

Good luck!!!


Crunch Time!: A Bride to be’s Dilemma

My friend Cha’Layna is starting to feel the pressure!! She’s planning her own wedding right now and has finally hit the inevitable bump in the wedding planning road!!! She sent me a cry for help today and this is what it sounded like!


Hey Diana, I need help. My wedding is an outside beach wedding. I only have one color, lol, purple. Smh. I don’t know what else to put with it. I was thinking yellow but I’m really lost & I only have 74 more days. Can u please help me?


Of course I’ll help you!!! Purple! Oh how I love thee ;o) Because you haven’t purchased any other color, I would leave the purple as the main color and just add black (yes, black) and white (duh!). That way the purple stands out, the white is a given, and the black adds depth and drama. Plus, both colors are easy to find in a pinch! Or you can go with a monochromatic purple scheme (Using different shades of purple) along with the black and white to add a little more interest. If you’re set on adding another color, how about a nice aqua blue to compliment the ocean and the sky but just use a little bit so it acts as an accent and doesn’t overpower the purple. Still keep the B&W! Hope this helps! Let me know if you need further assistance! I’d be glad to help. Good luck!!



And it Begins!!!!! CONTEST CLOSED!

So last night I hit 1001 views, and more, to my blog so now the contest is officially in effect!!! Thank you so much for the support guys!! I’m going shopping tonight for the prizes and will post it tomorrow. Hint*** It’ll be a few of my favorite kinds of things!  I’m thinking about making a youtube video to reveal the prizes but I’m not sure yet… we’ll see. Just to refresh your memory, here are the giveaway rules…

Here is the prize, BTW!!!!

1. Like my  Facebook Page

There is a Like box at the bottom of the home page or you can go to

2. Subscribe to or Follow my blog

Scroll to the bottom of the homepage and enter your email. Don’t forget to go to your email and click on the confirmation link that will be sent to you or else you will not be subscribed and the entry will not count.

3. Comment on any one of the posts currently published on my blog!!! 

I will be doing the random drawing from all of the comments left on this particular post. Previous comments on other posts WILL NOT count. (Before January 5 when the contest was announced)

The contest will end on Valentines Day 2012!!!

(Just in case… This contest is open to US residents only!)

 Good Luck!!!

Makes me Happy!!!

So… I was checking my blog one day and after 1 week of 0 views (Sad face) I saw that I had like 25 views out of the blue!!! I’m like, ummmmm… did I miss something? I glanced to the side and noticed I also had a comment from A Pinterest Addict! This is what it said ;o)

“Oh my! I hope that a design consultation is the prize, cause Honey, I could use it! Oh, and by the way, I just nominated your blog for a Liebster Blog Award! :)

 Eliesa, who  is an admitted Pinterest addict, just like myself, was awesome enough to say some very nice things about my little ‘ole blog!

“Diana is a createaholic – sounds like a girl after my own heart! She has a degree in Interior Design and she’s just starting her own company. I think she might have to come on over and help me figure out my design mess! And I can’t wait to find out what her Naughty Banana page is going to be about…”

 I want her to know how much I appreciate her words as well as the exposure she has given me for nominating me for this award!  I had actually stopped by her blog a few weeks earlier because of a post I saw on, yes… you guessed it, Pinterest! It was about taking and old upholstered chair and transforming it with fabric paint!  I’m still searching every Goodwill for a piece of furniture to try it out on! lol ;o) Anywho, I’d like to return the favor so Eliesa, you are officially nominated! Whooo Hoooo!  Thank you so much again!  In addition, below is a list of some of my own favorite blogs that I’d like to nominate along with what a Leibster Award actually is!

 Liebster Award: “Liebster is a German word, meaning dearest or beloved, but it can also mean favorite.  The idea behind the Liebster Blog Award is that it is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers in order to create new connections and bring attention to these wonderful blogs.”

If I have nominated you for the Liebster Award this is what you must do next!:

1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Post the award on your blog.
4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the Internet – other bloggers.
5. And best of all – have fun and spread the karma!

Here are my 5 nominees!

1. Fierce Foodie I’m pretty sure Zina has put one or both of her feet into every dish she has made! lol ;o) Her blatent passion for food parallels with my love for design and crafting.  Every post leaves my mouth watering and eager to try out the recipe, especially the ones with bananas!!!

2. Fashion Climax: RaShawn is fashion. Fresh out of design school he packed up his things and headed straight for New York to work with none other than BETSY JOHNSON!!! OMG! Soooo jealous and so proud of him :o) I’m patiently waiting for the day I get to wear HIS clothes. Speed over to his blog and check it out now!!!

3. It’s Honestly Nothing: Laurie-Anna is beautiful, witty, and in your face. (Which is why I love her :o) Hey LaLa!!!  I love reading her take on current events and whatever it is that’s bugging her or making her happy at the moment.  She has such a unique since of humor and point of view. I’m sure you will love her as well!

3. Declaration of Style: I personally have never met Shelly but we have a mutual friend on Facebook which is how I came across her blog.  Shelly has a very on point sense of style.  I find her to be extremely classy but with just enough edge to make you look twice.  If you are looking to change up your style or add to what you currently love you should definitely check out her blog.

4. A Pinterest Addict – Eliesa. My new love! lol :o) We should totally start P.A. (Pinner’s Anonymous) I love that she loves to take not so beautiful things and make them lovely again as she transforms her home.  On a budget!  It’s funny that I’m doing the same thing right now! If you like the same you should check out some of her projects and try them out yourself especially this one!!! I’m still looking for the perfect piece to try it on!

5. Fork and Beans First of all, I LOVE the name.  I’m not quite sure how many followers she has but judging from her likes, a few more couldn’t hurt!  I found Cara through you know what, lol.  I just found out that I must stay far away from dairy, wheat, and gluten (among other things) and her blog is a life saver!!  She has tons of gluten free and vegan recipes that will help my transition much easier! And did I mention I LOVE the name!!!

Please check out all of these awesome blogs!  It completely made my day to know that people outside of my FB friends, business associates, and family were being exposed to and appreciating my blog!  I honestly enjoy the above blogs and some of them happen to be close friends of mine so it would make me smile to know I sent them some traffic! While you’re there, why not drop ‘em a line as well!

Thanks in advance!


1001 Contest/Giveaway!!! CONTEST CLOSED!

When my blog hits 1001 views, I’m having a contest/giveaway! I’m at 726 views right now. If you want a head start on possibly winning the loot then:

1. Like my  Facebook Page

There is a Like box at the bottom of the home page or go to

2. Subscribe to my blog

Scroll to the bottom of the homepage and enter your email. don’t forget to go to your email and click on the confirmation link that will be sent to you.

3. Comment on any one of the posts currently published on my blog.

Previous comments will not count.  I’ll announce what the prize will be as soon as I hit 1001. It WILL be fabulous!

Hmmm… what could it be??? This should be fun!!! ;o)


Design Rx: Need a rug color…HELP! :)

Got an email from my bestie, Brandi, earlier this week!  She needed a little assistance so let’s jump right in!!!

Isn't she lovely ;o)

The Dilemma:

Hey D! I’m buying a shag rug and I don’t know what color to get. My walls are grey. My couch is blue. My ottomans are brown. My pillows are a mix of black, gold and a bit of silver. My bookshelves and tv stand are cherry wood. Here are some pics. I’m going to send you the link to my color choices for my rug…….HELP!!!
The Space:
The Choices & Suggestions:
(There were many but these were the best)
5×8 Solo Shag Rug from
I like the:
Taupe: Keeps it neutral and you won’t have to do much extra.
Grey (My fave and the one she ended up ordering): This one would bring out the art work and tie the wall color into the room. If you go for this I’d get a couple silver/grey trays (or what ever color you can find and spray paint them) to go on the ottomans to break up the cognac color. Also, a couple more pillows on your couch that have grey in them.  Maybe grey and brown or grey and light blue. I’ll look for some examples for you :o) Oh, and move that book shelf and get yourself some side tables and lamps! Preferably glass or mirror (target has these) You need some sparkle and light! I’ll keep an eye out for some cheap ones for you, lol!
Chocolate: Again, will keep it neutral with no extra work but it may start looking “too brown.”
Honey White (2nd fave): This would be fun and will make the sofa pop more. It will also help the art stand out too. Add some off white pillows (with blue or brown) as well. Your only drawback here would be Gizmo :o) (That’s her doggy, btw)
The Additions:
1. Tripod Table Lamp at $26.39
2. Deco Squin Pillow at $24.99
3. Rectangle Lacquer Tray in Metallic Silver at $29.00
4. Frayed Pillow Cover at
5. Mirror Table-F at $99.99
6. Studded Velvet Pillow Cover at $24.99
Note: Save yourself some change and get the inserts for the pillow covers at Joann Fabrics. Go to their website,, and sign up for their emails and they’ll send you a 40% off coupon!
Well my dearest B, there you have it!  Send me pics when everything is in place! I can’t wait to see it!

Happy New Year!!! I’m Back!!!

Whew! The holidays were in full effect but now I’m getting back on track.  I have a lot of goodies in the mix starting with a Design Rx.  I’ll be posting the halloween party soon as well as my 30th Birthday party (B-day is tomorrow, party is on Saturday!)!!! Can’t wait for you guys to see it all ;o)

Also, Ive decided to just go with a regular font from now on since you guys can’t see the font I use unless you download it. (I showed it to you here) Plus for some reason my font selector isn’t working.  I can’t even change the size!!! I have to spend some time figuring out what went wrong. Soooo annoying. Whatever. Let’s keep it movin. I guess I’ll stop boring you with mindless chatter and get to posting! Peace out!



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